Taking A Close Look

Some of the most exotic and fascinating subject material can be found right in your back yard. Close-up photography, or “Macro” photography, opens up a whole new world of subjects – a world most people never notice. Macro photography can also be one of the most challenging and frustrating activities a photographer can face, with a whole new set of rules, guidelines, and unique problems – but it’s well worth the effort.


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01: Macro – A Closer Look

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A whole world of wonder right under your nose – that’s what macro photography provides. The best part – you don’t need to travel to exotic locales to photograph exotic subjects! What Is Macro Photography?Technically, a macro photograph is one … Read More

02: Macro – Close-Up Diopters

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Known as “Close-Up Lenses” and “Close-Up Filters” (although they are not filters in that they do not “filter” out any particular light quality), are simple accessory lenses that screw onto the front of an existing lens allowing it to focus … Read More

03: Macro – Extension

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Extension – It’s Just Space One great way to get some serious magnification is to put some space between the camera and the lens – the further from the film plane you move any lens, the closer that lens is … Read More

04: Macro – REALLY Close

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OK – you want to get some extreme magnification – more than close-up diopters of standard extension tubes will supply. What are your options? Well, you have several – all with their own benefits and limitations. Below are a few. … Read More

05: Macro – Macro Lenses

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By far the most convenient and best performing option for macro photography is a lens built for macro photography – a macro lens. More than just a “close focusing” lens…By definition, a macro lens is a lens that produces a … Read More

06: Macro – Technique

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Special Considerations Success in macro photography requires precise technique. The slightest camera movement records as huge shakes, depth of field is measured in fractions of an inch instead of feet, and simply composing and positioning the camera is, in itself, … Read More