01: Macro – A Closer Look

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A whole world of wonder right under your nose – that’s what macro photography provides. The best part – you don’t need to travel to exotic locales to photograph exotic subjects! What Is Macro Photography?Technically, a macro photograph is one … Read More

01: New to Photography? Start Here:

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Getting Started: If you’re reading this, you’re probably already interested in photography and probably have a camera – or perhaps this has interested you in photography and you’re considering getting a camera – or this has inspired you to get … Read More

10: Follow The Light

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“Photography” literally translates to “painting with light” – without light, there is no photography. Being aware of the lighting quality of your images, and manipulating it at times, can turn a snapshot into a beautiful photograph. 1: Never Between 10 … Read More

05: Other Camera “Modes”

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What exactly is a camera “mode” and what’s the difference between them? Let’s go back in time a bit… Before the 1960s, just about all cameras were fully manual, but the advancements of electronics generated the first cameras with “Automatic … Read More

04: Putting It All Together

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You understand shutter speeds, apertures and ISO settings, and now you know how a meter works, but how does it all combine to give me full creative control over my photographs? In a word: stops. The more you can think … Read More

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